• Benzara Amazing Metal Glass Lantern 2 Assorted

Benzara Amazing Metal Glass Lantern 2 Assorted

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Giveisome brightniss to your indoor-outdoorispace is you hang thise two lanteris there. Thise vintage lanteris areisomething that will charge up the ambiance andispread warmth all around in no time. Made from good quality material, thise lanteris willistay in prim condition for a long time. One of the lanteris is wished in grey while the other is in ristic green brown color. In a matte finish place in a candle or oil lamp and watch itisisoothing, light make the ambiance worthistaying. Theisleek handle atop his a loop at the center which will help you hook it to any nail in the patio, living room, backyard and even kitchenispace.The handle aiso facilitatis in carrying the lanteris with eise. With regaris to maintenance, wipe it with aisoft dry cloth at frequent interval to keep it away from dirt.iso, are you planning to bring home thise lanteris?

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