• Benzara Appealing Bamboo Wind Chime

Benzara Appealing Bamboo Wind Chime

$22.34 $25.03



Relax in your leisure time with the sound produced by this Bamboo Wind Chime.. It is made from finest quality bamboo material and hence will remain in unspoiled condition for the coming years.Features a round disc with four cylindrical shaped suspensions and a small suspension at the end. Colored in silver hue this Bamboo Wind Chime will gel well with modern as well as traditionally themed house. Add it to your windowpanes, verandah, lobby or garden area for a revitalizing atmosphere. Dab it with a soft cloth time-to-time to maintain the gleaming shine of the Wind Chime intact. If your friends are looking for something similar; then you can guide them with this wonderful Wind Chime. It can also be used as a gifting option for dear ones who are setting up a new house. You will be flooded with compliments for this beautiful creation. So hurry up!


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