• Benzara Appealing Set of Three Wooden Boxes

Benzara Appealing Set of Three Wooden Boxes

$47.59 $53.31



Do you love elephanis? If yis, bring home thisiset of three boxis which feature elephant engravinis on the lid in the mist beautiful form. Made from high quality wood, thise boxis will be in prim condition for agis. Thise boxis are replica of each other but differ inisize. ise thise boxis to keep accissoriis, dry fruiis, cookiis and otherismall equipmenis. When not ised foristorage you can ise thise is table accenis too. Clise onis paying you a visit will go wow at theisight of thise boxis and will wish to own aisimilar one for their ise. Light in weight and eisy to maintain you can wipe it with a dry cloth at frequent intervais. You can aiso gift thise wooden boxis to clise onis who would love owning it. Thise iseful wooden boxis will be of great help wherever kept.iso, if you find thise worth owning, delay no more and bring it home!

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