• Benzara Artistic and Antique Themed Double Side Clock

Benzara Artistic and Antique Themed Double Side Clock

$37.99 $44.27


Tired of those regular wall clocks adorning your walls Then this artistic watch is surely going to delight you with its fancy carvings and antique appeal. Painted in black hue and crafted from metal, this wall watch features a side bar for placing it on the walls with a round shaped faded white dial hanging from the other metal bar. The dial features antique minute and hour needles with Roman numbers and is surrounded by excellent carvings that gives out a warm antique aura. You can place it any room of your house and it is sure to make the ambience very classy. Your guests and visitors will be in awe at the sight of this wall clock.
This wall clock is easy to clean and very durable. It will also be an excellent choice to be presented to any antique collectors and enthusiasts. So wait no more and grab the opportunity now.


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