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  • Benzara Artistic Wood Fish Tray 20"W, 3"H

Benzara Artistic Wood Fish Tray 20"W, 3"H

$42.21 $49.17

Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


  • Product Measures (inches): 20x6x3
  • Made from Wood
  • Finest Home decor Addition

This quirky fish shaped wooden tray is great dinner table accent. This attractive fish tray is made from one sheet of wood in an imitable manner. This fish tray is artistically carved making it rare and worth including in dinner table decor. This natural color of this wood offers earthy touch. Looking real like this fish tray has proper eyes and defined tail. This tray has proper base making it apt to be placed on any surface. The fish tray can hold fruits, salads or sweets. If you have upcoming dinner party or brunch, decorate your dinner table with this wood fish tray. This fish tray you can use as a flower decorative can dress up your salad on this tray or decorate it with sweets. This tray will be center of attraction. Not just on dinner table, this tray can be part of your living room center table decor too.

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