• Benzara Attractive Styled Glass Rope Lantern

Benzara Attractive Styled Glass Rope Lantern

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  • Glass rope lantern dimensions: 5 (W), 5 (L), 5 (H) in; 10"ALL, (H)
  • Lantern color: Silver with age spots
  • Made from: Glass, Rope

Do you want a lantern that has a shiny surface yet is very close to nature, and is very pleasing to look at? Well, the glass rope lantern is a lantern that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to these prerequisites. With a lovely proportionate silver body, this lantern is strung by a rope. The age spots on it make it look old?the precise intention of the designer. It can be hung to a nail or a hook, while the light emanating from it creates a very pleasant ambience.

This lantern is made from quality materials. This ensures that it will last for years to come. It can be perfect for homes with both modern and traditional themes. This lantern will soon become an endeared piece of decor item for you. Indeed its charm lies in its simplicity, which is its genius aspect.

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