• Benzara Attractive Unique Styled Polystone Giraffe

Benzara Attractive Unique Styled Polystone Giraffe

$201.17 $225.32



  • Polystone Giraffe Dimensions (inches): L 12 x W 10 x H 48
  • In a black and silver color
  • Made from quality materials

A giraffe is a fascinating animal. Its fascination is in its long neck: and this is what this Polystone Giraffe portrays most brilliantly. Tall and in a great color combination of black and silver, this Polystone giraffe can be displayed in your living room. There it can occupy a corner spot or be the main focus. The pose that the giraffe is caught in is very unique and artistic. It will look perfect in a modern as well as a traditionally themed home.

This Giraffe can also be turned into a unique gift for near and dear ones. Also, this statuette has been made using quality materials, and hence it will last in great condition for years to come. Indeed, this Polystone Giraffe is one artistic creation; certainly a must have for a person who admires the wild.


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