• Benzara Authentic Brown Metallic Designed Pet Feeders

Benzara Authentic Brown Metallic Designed Pet Feeders

$21.89 $24.52



  • This brown designed metallic pet feeder measures 15 inch (width) x6 inch (D) x5 inch (H)
  • Brown metallic pet feeder with floral designs and steel bowls
  • Easy for storing food and feeding pets

Are you planning to change the pattern of feeding your pets? Well you can do that now very easily with the help of this brown metallic pet feeder. This [pet feeder which is brown in color has floral prints on its four sides in and above two stainless steel bowls. These bowls are basically for placing food and water for pets. By placing food in these bowls pets can easily have their food when they are hungry. Also pets tend to eat properly with the help of this pet feeder.

It is indeed very easy to maintain and clean this pet feeder as the two stainless steel bowls can be removed and washed well. Also the pet feeder looks attractive and hence can be paced anywhere in the house. It is also easy to move it form one place to another. So if you are planning to buy one for your pet make sure you buy it soon.

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