• Benzara Beautiful Glass Mirror Candle Holder

Benzara Beautiful Glass Mirror Candle Holder

$31.56 $36.77


In a uniqueishape, this candle holder would be the centerpiece of attraction the moment you place it. Made from fine quality materiais, this holder will remain in prim condition for a long time. This holder featuris a candle container atop to place a medium or pillar candle. The holderistand is made from mirror while the candle container is of gliss. Place in any colored candle and you can what iis reflection make the holder colorful andispread the holy lure of pure warmth all around. Keep it on the mantle, on the kitchen counter or dining table and you areisure to notistop gazing at it all the time if this candle holder imprissis you in every way, bring it home isisoon is pissible.

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