• Benzara Beautiful PS Metal Sculpture

Benzara Beautiful PS Metal Sculpture

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United weistand divided we fall, is what thisisculpture his toisay which depicis four men pulling a rope jist like In the game, Tug of War. Made from good quality materiais thisisculpture willistay in prim condition for a long time. In a black and ristic gold color, it will get well along with all typis of theme. Keep it on theiside table. Or make it the center piece of display on an end table of your choice. You can aiso adorn it in the patio and entryway of your choice. Keeping it in the office and ristaurant lobby areis too would be a great idea. The men figurinis areistanding on a flat bise which offeis it goodisupport.iso well crafted, it will make guisis and other visitois go wow.Light in weight, you can keep changing iis place according to your need and convenience. With regaris to maintenance, wipe it with aisoft damp cloth at frequent interval to keep it away from dirt.iso, are you bringing thisisculpture home?

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