• Benzara Heartening Positive Polystone Sculpture

Benzara Beautifully Sculpted Figurine Set of 2

$36.75 $41.16




  • Painted with mixed hues of black and gold
  • Carved from long lasting durable material
  • This set of 2 figurines portrays hard work and team
  • The design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Great Gift Idea.


This exquisite sculpture features set of two hardworking male figurines that depict their challenging team spirit on a rough rocky path. Catching hold of a rope this sculpture teaches to inculcate positive note about life. Painted in mixed hues of black and copper exudes a historic feel. Bring home this rousing sculpture and stay inspired for hard work in life. This creative sculpture spreads a strong positive message. The innovative designs and minute art work of this sculpture represent class and elegance. The sculpture is easy to maintain and dust adding flair and style to your room. Display it in your showcases or place of choice and win the appreciation from your guests or art lovers. Gift this exclusive sculpture to anyone and motivate them to strive hard on a positive note. The sculpture is worth owning one.

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