• Benzara Black Metallic Curvy Pet Feeder

Benzara Black Metallic Curvy Pet Feeder

$26.46 $29.64



  • This black metallic pet feeder measures 14 inch (width) x6 inch (D) x4 inch (H)
  • Curvy black metallic pet feeder with stainless steel bowls
  • Easy to store and feed pet food

Want to change the method of feeding your pets? Now you can do that with this black metallic pet feeder. This pet feeder which is black in color is in a curvy shape. The shape is indeed unique and looks complimenting. There are two bowls placed in this pet feeder which can be used to keep food and water. The two stainless steel bowls can easily be removed and washed after the food is consumed by pets.

This pet feeder makes it easy for you to feed your pets. Also pets find it easy to consume food from time to time. The shape of the pet feeder itself is so unique that it can add a different look to the room it is kept in. visitors who have pets are sure to get amused by the sight of this pet feeder. If you wish to buy one, do not waste any more time.

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