• Benzara Butterfly Wind Chimes With Natural Decor Blend

Benzara Butterfly Wind Chimes With Natural Decor Blend

$19.71 $22.08



26715 METAL BUTTERFLY WIND CHIMES is the perfect choice for the decor enthusiasts who are looking for something sensational that could make their home decor unique. This hanging BUTTERFLY WIND CHIMES come with five small bells and six butterflies. The sound of these bells is so melodious that you and the guests like to hear it again. Beautiful wind chime with butterflies is designed over round shape frame. Just wait for the light wind and enjoy the pleasant ringing sound. The trend of having wind chimes is increasing in all the communities; presence of this hanging BUTTERFLY WIND CHIMES in garden or patio will make the look of these places different. *Material: Rust free premium grade metal alloy *Color: Brown with different color traces * Melodious sound; Light weight, Comes with chain and ring, Musical decor; Anytime gift


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