• Benzara Charming Teak Rustic Bowl

Benzara Charming Teak Rustic Bowl

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Use it to serve or simply as a decor, both ways, this bowl will do its task flawlessly. Made from good quality wood, it is sturdy and durable. This bowl is unique from the other you must have seen before. It features an uneven rim and a broad base. Keep it as it is on the mantel, wall ledge or fill it with colorful stones and pebbles. On the kitchen counter, you can fill it with dry candies and chocolates. A bowl full of candies will be easy for children to pick one. So, you can keep it in your kids room as well. Light in weight, you can keep moving it from one place to another according to your need and convenience. Wrap it well and present it as gift to close ones who would love owning it. So, are you getting it?

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