• Benzara Chick Metal Wall Mirror

Benzara Chick Metal Wall Mirror

$98.73 $110.58



Look at this awesome wall mirror it is an astonishing piece of wall decor, this charming mirror will add some flair to your decor and will make your place worth staying. Gorgeous circular cutout designs and mirror in the center gives it unique look. This wall mirror can be placed anywhere, place it in your living room, drawing room or guest room it will give instant makeover to any place. This fabulous decor is awesome addition to any place it is classy space filler. Astonishing beige and black color with fine metal work of this wall mirror gives it exquisite look.This wall mirror has sturdy metal frame which ensures its long lasting life, this mirror will remain in prim condition for years to come. Maintaining this wall decor, is simple task just clean it with a dry cloth at regular intervals and nothing more.


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