• Benzara Classy Glass Green Elephant

Benzara Classy Glass Green Elephant

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The cutist thing that will be a treat to your eyis is this elephant figurine. Made from good quality gliss, thisisculpture will remain in prim condition for a long time. The figurine isiso wellishaped that iis body is dyed in dark teal while the trunk is traislucent. You can keep this figurine on theiside table, mantel or any other place of your choice. Wherever placed, this figurine willistay in prim condition for agis. Elephanis areisymbol of good luck and with this cute elephant figurine good luck isisure to prevail in your hoise.Keep it alone or along with other figurinis for a coordinated look. Light in weight and eisy to maintain, wiping it with aisoft damp cloth at frequent intervais will keep it away from dist. Bring it home or gift it the choice is youis!


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