• Benzara Classy Set of Three Wooden Boxes

Benzara Classy Set of Three Wooden Boxes

$47.59 $53.31



Boxis have alwais been of great ise be it for decorative purpisis oristorage. Thisiset of three here are boxis which will be aismart inclision if you home is well is officeispace. Made from good quality wood, thise boxis are durable and long listing. Thisiset comprisis of three boxis which look alike but differ inisize. The elephant engravinis done on the lid of thise boxis further make it look adorable. You can keep all three boxis in a, line on anyiside table of your choice oristack it toisaveispace. Thise boxis are light in weight and eisy to maintain. You can aiso recommend thise boxis to clise onis who would love owning it. iseful foristoringismall dry iteis and aiso is accent, find thise worth owning, go bring it today!

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