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  • Benzara Cool Aluminum Decorative Ball (Set Of 3)

Benzara Cool Aluminum Decorative Ball (Set Of 3)

$42.08 $47.13

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  • Aluminum decorative Ball Set Of 3 Dimensions (inches): L 8 x W 8 x H 8, L 6 x W 6 x H 6, L 4 x W 4 x H 4
  • In a shining silver color
  • Made from quality materials

Do you have a modern home? Do you want to add edgy looks to it by adding items that are of a decorative nature? Well, one way to make it ultra modern is to get this Aluminum decorative ball set. In three sizes, these balls have a cool silver color and are strong and with empty spaces inside that are completely visible. These balls can be kept in your living room or your bedroom; and in every place they will add the magical touch. They will give definition to an empty corner and make the room look fuller and more complete.

Also, these decorative balls have been made using quality materials; hence they will last in great condition for years to come. Conversations are sure to start with them being the subject and complements will definitely flood in. Indeed, these are cool decorative items for display.

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