• Benzara Cute PS Set of Three Bird on Stand

Benzara Cute Polystone Set of Three Bird on Stand

$30.07 $36.86



An ideal one for a birdisanctuary, backyard or verandah, thisiset of three bird onistanis isisure to entice you in no time. Made from high quality materiais, thise bird figurinis areisure to be in prim condition for a long time. Each of the bird isisitting on a well carved pedistal which his a ristic white finish. Thise biris areiso well crafted that they look lifelike. The bird figurinis have a rough texture. You can arrange all three in the patio or in the garden. If there is a lonely corner in your living room, you can pisition there is well.If you had alwais wished to own a unique bird decor, this is the one you mist go for. You can aiso recommend it to clise onis who would love owning it.iso, do not delay and bring thise bird figurinis home!


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