• Benzara decorative Glass Metal Double Bowls, Interior Accent Bowles, 23 Inch W

Benzara decorative Glass Metal Accent Bowles, 23 Inch W

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If you are looking for a unique home accent product that could serve multiple purposes, here it is. The glass metal double bowls mounted on a metal stand is a perfect home interior decor product suitable for all types of homes. The two bowls can serve any purpose which it is designed for. The glass metal double bowl, with its metal stand, is 11 inch tall and 23 inch wide. The bowls are mounted on two circular stands designed in a sturdy metal frame. The bowls are wide enough to carry good amount of water in it, so you can use it to carry small petals for spreading the fragrance in your room. The glass bowls can also carry tiny plants that grow in water. With their special, room friendly design, the glass metal double bowl stand is suitable to be placed anywhere in your room. On a special evening you could also use this glass metal double bowl to light floating candles in the water. The metallic frame used in the construction of this glass metal double bowl is of excellent quality. It is painted using the best paint that has less lead content in it. The stand is supported using four legs, which ensure that the bowls remain balanced always.

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