• Benzara Decorative Wood Oar 6"W 41"H

Benzara Decorative Wood Oar 6"W 41"H

$25.08 $28.09



Create A Nautical Statement At Your Home Bydecorating Your House Wall With Couple Of This Wood Oar. Available Here Is A Wooden Oar That Will Add To The Marine Time Theme Of Your House. This Oar Is Made From Wood And Further Adorned In Colorful Hues. This Big Size Wooden Oar Can Be Part Of Your Wall Or Ceilingdecor. You Can Adorn It In Your Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom Or Even In Your Kitchen Area. Indoor As Well As Outdoor This Wood Oar Is Apt Fordecoration. Create A Stylish Pattern Using Couple Of This Wood Oar So That It Looks Interesting And Artistic. Inside Your Bath Room You Lavatory You Can Position This Besides Your Hand Basin And Add A Revitalizing Look There. On Any Wall Of Your Kitchen This Wood Oar Will Just Add Liveliness To The Ambiance.

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