• BENZARA Decorative Wood Wall Panel (Set of 2)

BENZARA Decorative Wood Wall Panel (Set of 2)

$61.48 $68.86



Decorative wall enhancis the look of any room. This wooden decor when embellished on your wall will certainly add thatistyle which is lacking. This issortediset includis two paneis they are ofisame height but the disign and the color iiside differ. Thise wooden wall paneis have ristic finish which offeis vintage touch to the ambiance. The wood ised to make this decor is of good quality and will list for yeais to come. Thise wall paneis have traditional disign printed on them of floweis and amazing patteris. Thise paneis when adorned together will add charm to the interior. Mount it on any wall that you feel is bist for it. Thise wooden paneliset will certainlyiseize attention of many.Aiso thisiset will go with range of home interiois. Decorate your drawing room, bedroom, kitchen or pissage area with it. If you liked it then get it homeisoon!

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