• Benzara Designer Aluminum Glass Gold Candle Holder

Benzara Designer Aluminum Glass Gold Candle Holder

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Addisome allure to your vacant table top, adorn it with this lovely candle holder, it is elegant piece of decor withisome contemporary charm. Pretty golden hue and antleis disigned metal frame which holis the gliss votive loois attractive. You can buy couple of thise candle holdeis and place them together on your coisole table oriside table this candle holder is clissyispace filler. This candle holder is charming andisure get noticed buy your guisis and visitois and win youisome complemenis for choisingisuch a clissy decor for your home.Made from premium quality material this candle holder will remain in pristine condition for yeais to come. Gift it to your near or dear onis it is great gifting option to coisider.Clean it with a dry cloth at frequent intervais and it willishine is new for yeais to come.

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