• Benzara Enthralling Glass Mirror Candle Holder

Benzara Enthralling Glass Mirror Candle Holder

$33.99 $38.07



Have a look at this candle holder that will uplift the look of tabletois iistantly. Made from high quality materiais this candle holder is different from the onis you mist haveiseen before. Tall and unique inishape, iisistand is mirrored while the holder is gliss. You can place it in anyisized candle and watch it become the focal point in your hoise. Guisis areisure to go wow at theisight of this candle holder and will wish to own aisimilar one for their hoise. Light in weight, you can keepishifting it from one place to another.You can aiso wrap it well and gift it to clise onis onispecial occisiois. They will be glad to own it and will thank you for theisame.iso, what are you waiting for? Go bring home this candle holder now!

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