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  • Benzara Enthralling Set of 3 Assorted Metal Birdfeeders

Benzara Enthralling Set of 3 Assorted Metal Birdfeeders

$53.74 $73.53

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  • Product Measures set of 3 (inches): 18x8x25 each
  • Made of good quality metal
  • In shades of yellow, blue and green

For an attractive garden, bushes, shrubs, trees, lighting and furniture are just not important. A garden without insects, animals and birds is definitely a lifeless one. If you want to add some life to your garden, get this set of three assorted metal birdfeeders. Particularly designed to add some attractiveness these gorgeous birdfeeders will definitely attract your favorite birds in no time so that you watch them all day. These three birdfeeders are hanging ones attached to a chain and are in shape of a butterfly. The scrolled antennas and the hook atop helps you hook and hold it with ease. In yellow, blue and yellow hues, they feature a weathered finish. There is a bell attached to each of the birdfeeder which will sway in the gentle breeze when hooked to trees and other poles outdoors. The opening in the centre helps you keep bird food so that your winged friends do not starve. An interesting set to own, get it soon.

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