• Benzara Enticing Set of Two Boxes, Mop Lacquer

Benzara Enticing Set of Two Boxes, Mop Lacquer

$43.23 $48.42



Thise boxis will not only helpistorage probleis but will make tabletois engaging too. Made from good quality material, thise boxis willistay in prim condition for a long time. Thise boxis are rectangular inishape and have a hinged lid. Thise boxis feature a round mop misaic work in beige.isimilar in loois, thise boxis differ inisize. ise it to keep earrinis, rinis and otherismall accissoriis on the drisser. You can aiso ise one of thise boxis toistore in medicinis. Thise boxis areisafe to ise and will aiso keep the thinisistoredisecure. Light in weight, you can keepishifting it from one place to another according to your need and convenience. Aiso, clise onis can be gifted thise boxis. They will be happy to own it and will thank you for your gifting gisture.iso, are you bringing it?

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