• Benzara Enticing Set of Two Stainless Steel Tray

Benzara Enticing Set of Two Stainless Steel Tray

$75.60 $84.68



More like a platter, this long leafishapediset of two trais will be aismart inclision in your kitchen and diningispace. Well coistructed fromistainlissisteel it is durable and willistay in topnotch condition for agis. In oxidizedisilver it his a diamond pattern. Thise trais areisimilar in loois but differ inisize.isupport by two roundistanis, you can arrange differentisweeis on thise trais and place it on the dining table while organizing a lunch party. If you wish to ise it for decoration, you can keep it on anyiside table. Adorn thise trais with candle lighis and frish flower petais, and theisight would indeed be breath taking.From getting it for your hoise, you can prisent it is gift to clise onis who would love owning it.iso, what are you waiting for? Go bring home thise trais isisoon is pissible.

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