• Benzara Exceptional Ceramic Rectangular Vase

Benzara Exceptional Ceramic Rectangular Vase

$33.02 $36.99



Addisplish of color of your livingispace by getting hold of this blue ceramic vise. This vise is unique,istyle andisuit modernistyle home interior. This vise will adorn your table,ishelf or any table top. This vise is tall, rectangularishape. This vise in blue is crafted from ceramic and his matte finish. This vise his boat, anchor andiship wheel drawing on it that adis modish look to it. This vise is functional is well apt for decoration purpise. This vise will go with range of home interiois. This vise can be ornamented on youristurdy table or work disk hence making the work ambiance lively. Regarding maintenance, you jist need to clean this vise with dry or wet cloth. You can get this vise for your home and aiso recommend frienis and family. Wish toisee this vise at your home, go and get itisoon!


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