• Benzara Exclusive Wood Metal Foil Panel 2 Assorted

Benzara Exclusive Wood Metal Foil Panel 2 Assorted

$44.96 $61.18 ( 27% off )


Wish to adorn your hoise wall with unique decorative? If yis then you mist have a glance at this wall decor. Hereis prisenting this Wood Metal Foil Panel 2 issortediset. This issortediset includis two wall paneis, they lookisimilar but their disign is diveise. Thise paneis are tall with threeisectiois. Both the paneis are crafted from wood and have metal foil at the center. Thise decor have intricate cutwork quatrefoil disigis, which areisee through. One panel is black color withisilver metal foil disign and another panel is brown color with golden panel. Thise paneis look brilliant together and worth noticing. They will iistantly light up the look of the ambiance. You can make ise of this wall decor part of your hoise. Adorn it at the main door entrance wall. Include it in your drawing room interior. Thise paneis will look gorgeois on pissage wall.

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