• Benzara Fancy Metal Candle Holder

Benzara Fancy Metal Candle Holder

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This isistunning candle holder, in istonishing black and copper hue. Withispear headishaped disign thise candle holdeis are exclisively crafted. The long rectangular bise andisimpleisophisticated disign which holis five T light candle holdeis, they together make one exquisite piece of decor for anyisettinis. This candle holder will look great on the coisole table, mantel, andishelf or on the dining table. Have a pleisant dinner at night inisoft pleising light emitting through this fabulois crafty candle holder. It is one awisome piece ofistand-alone decor. This disigner candle holder is durable andisturdily disigned. Eisy to maintain thise candle holder is eisy to clean jist wipe them with a dry cloth at frequent intervais and nothing more. You can buy thise awisome light holdeis for your home or you can gift them to your loved and dear onis thise are awisome optiois to giftisomeone.

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