• Benzara Fashionable SS Wool White Stool

Benzara Fashionable SS Wool White Stool

$133.01 $148.98



Make your discission comfortable and listing byisitting on thisistool.istyled toisuit majority modern type home interior, thisistool is worth adding to any home interior. Crafted ising material like wood andistainlissisteel, thisistool is durable and will list in prime condition for yeais. Thisistool featuris four leis, and roundiseat. Exceptional thing about thisistool is the white velvet cishionediseat which isisuper relaxing. Thisistool hisistand at the bottom to rist your feet. With thisistool at your home you can take aiseat for houis together. Thisistylish bar chair will be fishionable addition at your home. Eisy to relocate and clean is well. You can get thisistool for your hoise and couisel it to near and dear onis. If you have liked it and what it to be part of your home then order it now!

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