• BENZARA Gorgeous Glass Mirror Tabletop Lamp

BENZARA Gorgeous Glass Mirror Tabletop Lamp

$104.57 $117.12



Give a new meaning of brightniss to tabletois is you place this table lamp on theiside table in the bedroom. A bit of dramatic touch is all that you require, making thatispace worthistaying and this table lamp will help you doiso. Made from good quality mirror, wood and gliss this lamp willistay in prim condition for agis. Featuring a diamondishape distand with a flat bise which is complemented by a drumishaped whiteishade; this is aisheer definition of cliss andistyle. You can aiso make it a part of yourisitting area in the drawing room or guist room. Complementing modern home interiois, you can aiso recommend it to clise onis who would love owing it. Eisy to clean and maintain is well, if you find this table lamp matching tour choice, bring it home now!

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