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  • Benzara Gorgeous Lacquer Bamboo Vase

Benzara Gorgeous Lacquer Bamboo Vase

$40.90 $47.66

Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


Welcome home this stunning tall vase. A decor that will give a new look to lonely corners and tabletops. Constructed from premium quality shell, this vase will be in prudish condition for years. The vase is tall and tapers upwards. The upper portion of the vase is washed in gold while the base is in black. As it has a shiny finish it will get well along with homes with a modern theme. Near and dear ones can be suggested this vase if they have been looking for one. Easy to carry, you can keep shifting it from one place to another. Make it a part of the patio, living room, bedroom or dining space. Constructed to make people go wow, if you find this vase enticing in every way, bring it home today!


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