• Benzara Hagen Elephant Stack Fantastically Created Marvelous Art

Benzara Hagen Elephant Stack Fantastically Created Marvelous Art

$28.15 $35.41



  • Elephant art measuring 12?x4?x17?
  • Made from natural stone and resin
  • Splendid centerpiece

Liven up your space and surrounds with this charismatic creation of dynamic elephant stack. Engraved from the best grade natural stone and superb quality resin, this aesthetically carved imperial art symbolizes mental strength, spiritual power, courage and wisdom. Measuring 12 inches in width, 4 inches in length and 17 inches in height, this marvelous cum magnificent handiwork bestows a magnetic energy and aura to your room. Exhibit it in your atrium or accented living hall; this vibrant piece of craft not only revitalizes the neighboring ambience but also your mood. Artistic as well as radiant in texture, this long lasting masterpiece serves as an awesome embellishment and gels up well with every interior deco. Gift it to your friends or order it for your own, this enigmatic elephant stack structure will totally elevate the affluence factor and mystical element of well-stylized homes.

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