• Benzara Huangpu Fascinating Ceramic Vase 3 Assorted

Benzara Huangpu Fascinating Ceramic Vase 3 Assorted

$37.03 $46.96 ( 21% off )


  • Ceramic vase dimensions: 5 (W), 5 (L), 13 (H) in; 5 (W), 5 (L), 13 (H) in; 5 (W), 5 (L), 13 (H) in.
  • Ceramic vase color: Blue, Orange, Green
  • Made from: Ceramic

Have you been looking for vases that will add color to your ambience? Well now, search no further because these three ceramic vases will just do that. In three bright colors, these vases will not only display flowers but they will display them differently. In blue, orange and green, you could choose different vases for different flowers. A red rose could go well with the green vase, or a white tulip could match well with the orange. It is all up to you.

These vases are also made from quality materials, and this ensures that they will last for years. Their rocky texture also grants them another dimension. Indeed people will love these vases, and the complements will flood in. So what are you waiting for? Consider getting these ceramic vases today.


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