• Benzara Incredibly Simple and Lovely Wood Metal Oar

Benzara Incredibly Simple and Lovely Wood Metal Oar

$34.75 $38.92



  • Wood Metal Oars Decorative Dimensions (inches): L 5 x W 1 x H 51
  • In a beautiful brown color
  • Made from quality materials

Are you someone who loves sailing in the ocean? Well, now you can display this love of yours with the help of this Wood metal oar. A simple creation, this oar is a decorative one in a very cool brown color. It can be kept in the living room, and there it will add a sense of holistic beauty. This is so because of its bareness and simplicity. It has a quality about itself which is as bare and simple as the Red Wheel Barrow?a poem about a wheelbarrow.

Also, this Oar has been made using quality wood and metal; this ensures that it will last in great condition for years to come. Its simplicity is sure to impress all the guests and it will start many conversations. Indeed this is the decorative item to have if you love the water.

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