• Benzara Inspiring PS Dinosaur Skeleton

Benzara Inspiring PS Dinosaur Skeleton

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Take yourself to the land of dinosaurs as you get home this dinosaur skeleton decor. Age old in looks, this resin dinosaur looks no less than a real one. So creatively made, it does talks about its high craftsmanship. In a rustic brown matte finish, the sculpture is tall and can be kept on the floor or on any wide side table. If you are fond of science and have a laboratory, you can keep it there. This dinosaur skeleton can also be used in schools, colleges and other scientific exhibitions, kids are sure to like this and will wish to keep it at home.Easy to maintain, wiping it gently with a dry cloth at frequent intervals is sure to keep up its look like always. A very unique decor, Keep it indoors or outdoors, it is sure to make people spare sometime to watch it!

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