• Benzara Jiu (Wine) Canvas Art

Benzara Jiu (Wine) Canvas Art

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  • Canvas art dimensions: 48 (W), 3 (L), 36 (H) in.
  • Canvas art color: Assorted
  • Made from: Wood

If you have been looking for a piece of canvas art that has wine as its theme then you need not seek any further. This lovely piece of canvas art has beautifully depicted bottles of wine and glasses. The smudges in depicting and the rugged style of coloring give this canvas art a unique look. Its realness is in no way snatched from it by the artist painting it in this manner; in fact this gives it an abstract feel.

This canvas art can make a great gift for someone who loves wine, and who understands the intricacies of tasting it. Or simply buy it for your own home; gift it to your husband, or gift it to yourself. The wall that you hang it on will get a new lease of life. So why wait? This canvas art will beautify your wall, and will put a smile on faces that see it.

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