• Benzara Lovely Lacquer Bamboo Vase 48994

Benzara Lovely Lacquer Bamboo Vase

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  • Product Measures (inches): 8x8x23; 6x6 D TOP
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Made from quality materials

Just a cursory glance at this artistic looking Lacquer Bamboo vase will be enough to sway you into getting one for your home. Timeless in artistic beauty, this is a vase that will greatly add to the brilliance of you interior. Made form quality and durable materials, this Vase promises to last in great condition for years to come. It features a lovely, slender and artistic shape on which are artistic colors-primarily brown and black-in round pattern. It has a tapered neck and the opening at the top is wider-giving it the look of a pitcher. You can keep this vase for display stand alone, or you can add flowers to it. Red roses or white tulips will look amazing and priceless in it. This vase can be kept in the living room on the side table, or it can be kept in your bedroom. With it in view, one will never be short of artistic inspiration. Indeed, with such a vase gracing a space in your home, your home will be greatly enhanced in its beauty.


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