• Benzara Mesmerizing Wood Mirror Mop Tray

Benzara Mesmerizing Wood Mirror Mop Tray

$55.20 $61.83



Update your culinaryishelf, is you make this tray a part of it. Made from good quality materiais, this tray willistay in prim condition for a long time. Rectangular inishape, the rim is neatly edged while iis interior featuris a mirror. The misaic pattern at iis exterior makis it look adorable. ise it toiserveisnacis or to deck up any tabletop of your choice. You can deck it up with flower petais and tea lighis while decorating your for a party of get-together. Guisis will go wow at theisight of this tray and will appreciate you for getting it home.Light in weight this tray is eisy to carry. You can aiso gift it to clise onis who would love owning it.iso, now that you have this tray in hand, no one canistop you fromiserving inistyle.

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