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  • Benzara Metal Bugle Taxi Horn,

Benzara Metal Bugle Taxi Horn

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The metal bugle taxi horn is a curious decorative piece for your home. It is an intrigue piece of music instrument as well. These taxi horns were popular in the ancient days. They have now entered into our homes as interior accent products. Display it on your wall or showcase and convey your passion to old and valuable items like the bugle taxi horn. The taxi horn measures 15 inch in length and 6 inch in width. It has a perfect design with a bulb and the bugle coil reminiscent of the old fashioned taxi horns that were used before the air hones became popular. This metal bugle taxi horn is just a showpiece, however. The metal taxi horns are great gift ideas too. Get it now and gift to your dear ones who are enthusiastic about collecting old artifacts.

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