• Benzara Novel Lacquer Vase - Gold

Benzara Novel Lacquer Vase - Gold

$51.10 $57.24



Make casual sitting area of your house look beautiful by incorporating this lacquer vase. Vase add style element into any interior. If you wish to make your house look attractive instantly then make this vase part of your home now. This vase is crafted form lacquer Ceramic. This vase has unique shape, shell decorated bottom and golden rims. This particular vase can be decorated indoor and outdoor. Embellish it on table top or floor. Due to its open mouth this vase can be converted into flower vase. The sober color of this vase will go with range of home interior. Embellish it in your drawing where guests will notice it and praise you choice. Not just indoor, make it a part of your outdoor home decoration. As its ceramic made, you need to handle it with care. Liked it then get it home now!


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