• Benzara Polystone Wall Plaque Wall décor (Set of 3)

Benzara Polystone Wall Plaque Wall decor (Set of 3)

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Here is an original polystone wall art in arabesque design to decorate the interior of your room. This polystone wall plaque comes as a set of three, each measuring 48 inches in height and 4 inch in width. This polystone plaque finds the best use on your walls that has antique decor made of wood or metal. The polystone wall plaque comes in different shades of brown. The floral designs engraved on each of the three plaques are similar. Each of these designs is symmetrical too. Get this amazing wall art in polystone and flaunt your interior decor in style. The polystone wall art is made of the sturdy polystone. It has the ability to display the wall art in great contrast to the wall paint. The polystone materials are available in different colors, so you could choose other polystone wall arts to complement this wall plaque and showcase your creativity on the wall. You can use the polystone wall art in different ways. It can be showcased as a single piece of wall art, or it can be combined with other antique wall arts in metal or wood. You can find a good collection of such antique wall decor items in our store to complement the polystone art.

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