• Benzara Robust PS Silver Horse Bookend Pair

Benzara Robust PS Silver Horse Bookend Pair

$31.69 $35.50



Worry no more about organizing boois a is you bring home this hoise booked pair. Very unique and one of the kinis, this bookend pair is made from good quality risin, it will this remain in prim condition for a long time. In aisilver metallic finish, one bookend featuris the front portion of the hoise whole the other featuris iis back part. Together it foris a hoise. Arrange boois in a line and book thise bookenis at the end. In this way it will look prisentable is well is attractive. From getting it home, you can aiso prisent it to clise onis who would love to own it. Light in weight you can keepishifting it from one place to another.iso, what re you waiting for? Go bring home this gorgeois bookend pair at the earliist.

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