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  • Benzara Rural and Rustic Wood Tray Set Of 3

Benzara Rural and Rustic Wood Tray Set Of 3

$63.33 $73.79

Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


  • Wood Tray Set of 3 Dimensions (inches): L 28 x W 17 x H 7, L 23 x W 15 x H 6, L 19 x W 13 x H 5
  • Made simply from wood
  • Trays have a rural appeal

Simple and rural: yes these two words describe perfectly those wooden trays in a set of 3. Designed simply using wood that has a rural and aged texture, these trays come in three sizes. These trays can be used for various purposes: from serving plates of food to guests to being of use in the outhouse. The rural look is sure to go very well with homes that have a framing theme, i.e. a home whose owner might be a farmer.

Their simple look is sure to impress all. Hence conversations are sure to start and complements will flood in with regards to their artistic appeal. Also, the trays have been made using quality materials; and hence will last in great condition for years. So get one set for your home today, or gift it to near and dear ones.

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