• Benzara Simply Simple Metal Glass Candle Sconce

Benzara Simply Simple Metal Glass Candle Sconce

$46.98 $70.47 ( 33% off )


  • Metal Glass Candle Sconce Dimensions (inches): L 7 x W 7 x H 27
  • In an intricate design and black color
  • Made from quality materials

Amazing! Yes, you will utter words to similar effect when you first lay eyes on this Metal glass candle sconce. A simple but amazing creation, this sconce can be attached to a wall in your living room or the passage way. It has a very proportionate design and has a glass enclosure that houses the candle very elegantly. Not only will this sconce look great in a traditionally themed home, but will also look right in place in a modernly themed one.

Add to that the fact that this sconce has been made using quality materials; this ensures that it will last in great condition for years to come. It will be a great gift from you to yourself. Guests will sing its praises; indeed this is the Metal glass candle sconce to own.

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