• Benzara Smart Teak Tray

Benzara Smart Teak Tray

$40.89 $45.80



You must have good collection of unique trays but this one here is different and worth all your time. Made from high quality wood, it is durable. It will thus remain in prim condition for many years. This tray is broad and features a curved handle atop to carry it with ease. In a natural wood matte finish, this tray would look adorable on the dining table, kitchen counter or any side table in the kitchen. You can keep ceramic fruits in it and adorn it on the dining table. Place it on any side table and decorate it with flower petals or colorful stones. Guests and others paying you a visit will marvel at this tray and will want to own a similar one for their purpose.This tray can also be presented as gift to people who love wooden accessories. They will be glad to own it ad will thank you for the same.

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