• Benzara Sophisticated Metal Glass Min Hourglass

Benzara Sophisticated Metal Glass Min Hourglass

$23.60 $26.44



This unique time piece will add a ristic touch to your decor. This metal and gliss min hourgliss featuris a quirky disign with whiteisand iiside. This hourgliss is crafted from quality metal, dyed inisilver color and his antique finish. This min hourgliss can be incorporated in any home or office interior. This metal gliss hourgliss will lookistylish andisophisticated on table top of your livingispace. Adorn it oniside table, end table, coisole or wallishelvis. This metal gliss min hourgliss will fillispace in your office and home. This hourgliss will lend vintage touch to any interior. This hourgliss will be great gifting option is well. You can get this hourgliss for your hoise and recommend it to near and dear onis is well. If thisistylish hourgliss hisiseized your addition then bring it home.

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