• Benzara Spectacular Aluminum Glass Antler Candle Holder

Benzara Spectacular Aluminum Glass Antler Candle Holder

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Take a look at this attractive candle holder; it is beautifully coistructed candle holder which can hold three votive candlis. Add gleam to your ambiance,iset this candle holder on your dining table, coisole table,ishelf or mantel it is perfect for any vacantisurface. It isisplendid decorative piece for any themed interior clissic, modern or contemporary. Amazing antleis crafted with aluminum makeistrong and durableistand for candle holdeis, bise aiso his a firmistand. It is very attractive piece of home decor is well is practical too. This candle holder is very light weight and can beishifted eisily from one place to another. Bring home this candle holder and adorn any vacant table top with it, it will add allure to your place. This candle holder disign his unique blend of modern and clissic featuris. Without giving anyisecond thought place your order right away!

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