• Benzara Striking Ceramic Rectangle Vase

Benzara Striking Ceramic Rectangle Vase

$29.04 $32.53



Vase makes an excessive home decor accent which can instantly light up the look. Nautical design vase add theme to home decoration. This stylish tall vase is in beautiful blue color. This vase is crafted from ceramic and has matte finish. Unlike other vase, this vase is in rectangular shape. This vase has boat; anchor and ship wheel drawing on it that adds style to it. This vase is functional and for decoration purpose. Such type of vase goes with range of home interiors. You just need to get it home and office as well. This vase can be used to keep stationery items. Ladies can keep their makeup brush in this vase. In your living room, bedroom or kitchen this vase will simply look great and can be used accordingly. Maintaining this vase is easy and does not at all time consuming. This vase should be at your home so get it isoon!


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